Copamore & Mikey Shyne "Across The Line" Preview


"There is no doubt that Mikey Shyne has some songwriting skillz and with some more exposure and a few more tunes, I can easily see him on the charts of Z-100."

On the cover of Royalty Radio Media Magazine alongside Tyrese Gibson

Featured by Vintage Media Group

"Mikey Shyne is definitely an up and coming artist to be on the lookout for. It seems that every track he releases has mainstream appeal and captures his true essence of being a well polished, industry ready artist."


​"Mikey Shyne: A Remarkable Red-Hot Emerging Artist Who’s Seen It All"

"Throw what ever you want at him, kick him from his home, drive him to the lowest depths with addictions and one thing will become very, very clear. Mikey will not be stopped. "


​"He’s overcome every single insurmountable challenge and uses his voice to tell his story.  He’s turned desperation into hope and makes music his #1 mission."

Official "Put It Down" Press Release

Mikey's music has been played on and has been interviewed by Desert Storm Radio's DJ Finstababy

Mikey Shyne on the Teresa Davis Show

"Parts of it almost seem to have a Caribbean pop vibe. These are probably my favorite portions of the song. The production quality is top notch, as professional sounding as anything you’d hear on the radio."

Mikey Shyne on the Glenn Report

"What really catches me up are people who inspire me. My attention is automatically drawn to them. A story of a 26 years-old and outstanding talented artist from New York City has been brought to me. 
Today, it is a special honor for me to introduce to you the incredible Mikey Shyne."

Mikey on Apollo Night LA Radio Show 9/26/16

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Screaming Match Productions Artist Spotlight: MIKEY SHYNE

This is precisely what makes this Mikey Shyne such a remarkable and respectable artist.

Mikey has developed a sound that feels entirely fresh and new. This brilliant artist not only acts as a unique innovator; but also effectively channels his vision through an impressive command of most major genres. Avoiding the gimmick he could easily become; Mikey Shyne stands out among an overpopulated market as a fearless and honest artist with a story to tell.

Mikey Shyne & DJ Tomekk "Put It Down"on

"The extremely catchy, upbeat Pop/Hip Hop song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it. Along with top notch production and mastering, “I Really Want” is sure to be a huge hit!"

Mikey Shyne in "Listening To" Section of Disruptor Mag

Copamore & Mikey Shyne "Across The Line"

Press Release

"I Really Want" Featured by The Bandcamp Diaries

"... after watching him perform at DAvenue Lounge in Brooklyn he definitely has what it takes to be mainstream. In due time he will be on top if he keeps going the way he is going..."


Featured on Daily HipHop Jamz site

"Across The Line" Debuts at #3 on iTunes

Mikey Shyne on WBKE Radio "Mikey & Jazzi Show"

"Fueled by a voice capable of belting high notes with both clarity and grit, Mikey’s performance toggles between warm sincerity and passages that drift just enough out of his comfort zone to replicate love lost desperation. “Set Me Free” takes Mikey’s’ pop sensibilities into different directions, but throughout retains some crucial elements: strong vocals, an indelible hook and an ingenious melody."

ACROSS THE LINE REVIEW- Copamore are obviously exceptionally good at pairing their synth driven electronic tracks with voices that catch people by surprise, because Mikey Shyne is a delicious good choice for this track.

He has a far-reaching and warm vocal range which gives the track that slight melancholic, romantic and nostalgic flavor, completing fitting the story line of “a couple separated in space and time”.

"flexing his muscles Mikey Shynetakes on the chorus with an infectious melody and multi-layered vocals..."

 "...Mikey even spends a verse spitting rhymes just to showcase his versatility on the mic..."

"Despite having battled some personal demons in the past, Mikey is a professional, polished, determined and extremely talented artist..."


 "Despite having battled some personal demons in the past, Mikey is a professional, polished, determined and extremely talented artist.  His seasoned lyrical abilities, stellar vocals and electricity on stage make him a force to seriously be reckoned with."

"Good Vibes Only: @mikeyshynemusic"

Mikey on the STEVEN KNIGHT SHOW with Grammy Winner Timothy Bloom

Mikey Shyne has been featured by the following publications:

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"All of the sleepless nights of self promoting has landed Mikey some remarkable marketing and promo skills. Along with his newly hired team,Mikey is ready to make the push to go mainstream. Taking the lead is his new Single "I Really Want," a Pop/Hip Hop song that is unbearably catchy."

"I Really Want" was OUR FAV SOUNDCLOUD TRACK for the week of 9/18/16

"Recently we had the chance to interview Mikey Shyne! Check out our interview with our NY Entertainer of the Week!"