Despite having battled some personal demons in the past, Mikey Shyne is a professional, polished, determined and extremely talented artist and is said to have an extremely bright future ahead of him.  The man who initially made that claim and ignited Mikey’s motivational flame back in 2013, when his solo career was kicking off, was none other The Village People’s Eric Anzalone.

Mikey Shyne, a native of Queens, NY seriously hit his stride in 2015 with the release of his red-hot Debut Single "Set Me Free."  A mix of musical styles, the song offers the impression of an artist heroically blurring boundaries, and a well-schooled singer using his gifts to conquer as many demographics as possible. The result of this unifying sound is a blend of acoustic-driven eagerness, and an urban pop edge, mixed with heartfelt lyrics about broken love.

Crossing multiple genres and fueled by a voice capable of belting high notes with both clarity and grit, Mikey’s vocal performances toggle between warm sincerity and passages that drift just enough out of his comfort zone to replicate love lost desperation.

With his signature brand of crossover Pop, Mikey Shyne’s music carries a timeless touch of Rock, Soul, Hip Hop and Pop. He is passionate in his vocal delivery, versatile in his rhythm and melody, and genuine in his approach to music.

His follow up to "Set Me Free" was in June of 2015, with the Bi-lingual "Put It Down" featuring the Legendary Grammy Nominee and former mentor, DJ Tomekk.  "Put It Down" did extremely well internationally, specifically in Europe, where Mikey has also begun to make a name for himself.

He has followed up with multiple Singles since then. "Roam," a soft, almost lullaby-like Ballad for the ages, and features fellow Queens Singer-Songwriter Jeneen Terrana, making for a perfectly timeless duet.  Mikey also teamed up with several non-profits to push his next Single "Forever Young" to raise addiction recovery awareness in an attempt to help make a dent on the nations growing addiction epidemic.  The video was released as a memorial, dedicated to all those who've lost their battles with the grips of addiction.  Proceeds were given to charity.

After a short hiatus from music in the middle of 2016, Mikey Shyne came back stronger than ever.  Refreshed with newly polished vocals after working with a world renowned Vocal Coach, Mikey went back into the studio with Billboard #1 charting producer and engineer Ray Balconis, who he's worked with from day one.  When asked about working with Ray, Mikey said "that something magical happens when I step into that booth.  Ray allows me to express myself to the fullest, and as a creative artist he pulls performances out of me that I never thought I was capable of.  He helps me reach deep inside my soul and grab those energies... grab those emotions, and transform them into a stellar vocal delivery when up at the microphone."

His next and newest release was "I Really Want" which debuted in September, just as New York City was cooling off from a summer that was seemingly one giant heat wave.  But Mikey found a way to heat things back up again.  “I Really Want” has a tropical-pop theme built into a hip-hop flavored beat – Mikey even spends a verse spitting rhymes just to showcase his versatility on the mic. However, unencumbered by any turns the production may take, Mikey displays the power of melody and simplicity on this song.

Further flexing his muscles Mikey Shyne takes on the chorus with an infectious melody and multi-layered vocals. With this song you can’t not only stop the feeling you just have to sing and dance along. If you’re in a bad mood this will uplift you immediately.

That December (2015), Famous Austrian DJ Duo Copamore approached Mikey by chance and asked if they could use his vocals for an upcoming EDM Project they were planning on releasing.  A Demo was recorded at Mikey's home studio. Discouraged by the way it sounded, he didn't think anything would come of it...  Until the ingenious minds of Michael and Thomas Schaller of Copamore got to producing and mixing.  Out came a gem!  The song "Across The Line" peaked at #3 on the European iTunes EDM Charts, the video got well over 160,000 Youtube views and over 300,000 streams on Spotify.  Mikey Shyne and Copamore continue to work on music this day, with each song getting better and better!

Now, with several skyrocketing hit singles in the bag, Mikey as begun to focus on revamping his team.  With bigger dreams come bigger needs.   A new manager, media team, publicist, promoter, marketing crew, etc. are all in place but Mikey still sticks to the basics.  Remembering where he came from, staying focused, humble and driven are his so called keys to success.  And never losing sight of the dream.  Without the dream there is no vision.  Without vision there is no action. No action, no music. And no music, no joy.

Expect great things from this young star in the very near future!!! Mikey recently wrapped a studio session with HIPHOP legend Kurtis Blow, but at this point only rumors of a collaboration between the two exist.  But this should make for an interesting oldschool-newschool duo!